Chips and Dips.

A sometimes food in our house is chips. Tostitos chips* are peanut and milk free and sneak themselves into our rotation about once a week (no complaints from the toddler). The salsa we like is Hardez since it has no preservatives and an unique pica […]

Lunch. Of. Champions.

This lunch is set on Saturday because it is more labour intensive. I like to prep the Tex-Mex Fries and Dill Pickle Pasta Salad the night before, or early in the morning. Homemade Burger Patty Silver Hills Bakery Buns * (or other peanut free and […]

Breakfast for lunch

This is an awesome Monday lunch because you can easily use the leftovers from your big Sunday morning breakfast! We love to whip up a batch of SosiCakes on the weekend so we have a supply for the upcoming week. You can easily double the […]

Freezer Pleaser

This one is for Sunday, since it is the day of rest. AND since you just worked your buns off yesterday making a Lunch. Of . Champions! This lunch has reheated frozen Mama’s Meatloaf, frozen organic veggies, and freshly made rice cooked in chicken stock […]

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