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Weekend mornings are usually go, go, go around here. Packing peanut free and milk free snacks the night before helps us to stay on time when other factors seem to keep us behind schedule. Today’s tardiness was brought to you by the battle of the rain-boots…

We have slowly been replacing reusable containers with glass or stainless steel to help rid our lives of plastic, one step at a time.The So Easy Stainless Steel Divided Dish with Lid is great for toddler size snacks. It has a removable divider in the middle if you want to keep the food separated. It is easy to clean and snap the lid on and conveniently fits in my purse or snack pack.

Recently, I have started incorporating products that are NON GMO Verified into our rotation. Kashi Organic Promise is tasty and travels well when you need a quick snack that does not have any ingredients I consider unnatural.  This particular product is peanut free and milk free. I emailed the company to double-check, however, as we know companies can change facilities at any time so we need to be vigilant when bringing products into our homes.  Sun-Maid Raisins are also great and are a peanut free and milk free snack. It should be noted however, that the individual packages do contain the warning, “may contain nuts” so we steer clear of those. Raisins are high in B vitamins, iron and potassium and are also a good source of carbohydrates for energy.


We are also huge fans of Klean Kanteen Kid’s Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle (Farm House, 12-Ounce). We have tried many other cups and they just don’t stand up to a toddler’s lifestyle. Ours has been dropped so many times and it still looks brand new. I really how the bottles are BPA free, and the lid is very easy to clean so I do not have to worry about mould and other gross things growing inside the spout. We all have these bottles for transporting our water to Swim’n and everywhere else.

For those who are busy and need a quick peanut free and milk free snack, this one is eat clean and delicious. Our daughter calls the Indigo Morning “breakfast chips”, they are that good!



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