Tasty Tzatziki Sauce

Tasty Tzatziki Sauce


  • 1 cup soy sour cream (or other non-dairy option)
  • medium cucumber, remove seeds
  • cloves, medium sized garlic cloves, peeled
  • Tbsp dill, chopped


  1. Wash the dill and let it dry.

  2. Remove the seeds from the cucumber.

  3. Remove the outer skin from the garlic, roughly chop.

  4. Add all the ingredients into the food processor. Pulse until well blended. You should still be able to clearly see the vibrant green of the dill and cucumber.

  5. Enjoy your peanut free and milk free Tzatziki sauce!

This Tasty Tzatziki Sauce goes great with our SosiSafe Chickpea Patties. 

Chickpea Burger INSTA

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