Vegetarian Toddler Meal eZpZ pasta by SosiSafe

Easy Pasta Lunch for Toddlers

There are so many ways to incorporate this fun mat into your toddlers’ day! For lunch we really like how the main course is easily accessible and the side elements can be placed alongside without worry of cross-contamination. This little guy is perfect to take out for lunch at your friends, family or even a restaurant! The EzPz Happy Bowl Blue features are super easy salsa and pasta mix! Our toddler likes traditional tomato sauces but sometimes it is nice to switch it up and add in salsa (it is also a smidgen cleaner than the red sauce – momwin)!

We use whole wheat pasta and Hardez salsa and any additional toppings you can sneak it! In this instance I have included some dairy-free cheese on the side. Our toddler is not keen on the texture of cheese so I just keep nonchalantly including it to see if she will just eat some”by chance,” one of these times.

You can find the EzPz Happy Bowl Blue here! I really like the additional coverage this mat allows for. It also offers a bit of stickiness which creates a delay in the effort of trying to overturn a perfectly good meal.

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