Picky eater? How to serve meals your little ones will actually eat!

Picky eater? How to serve meals your little ones will actually eat!

Welcome to the amazing world of feeding your little one!

Get ready for the smiles, laughs, and inevitable messes that will quickly become part of your daily lives. We have tried many, many feeding products over the years that all claim to be durable and safe. I take the recommendations from my mom-squad very seriously but also faithfully research everything before purchasing. I am not shy to email or phone companies when investigating children’s products. The safety of our children is so important and I am happy that you are here doing your own research before you buy (we should probably be friends -just say’n). So sit back and feel confident that my suggestions are coming from a home where we are trying to make smart choices that are the best for our family, and hopefully yours.

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It should be noted that I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I am a ‘tell it how it is,’ kind of person, so the reviews and links are for products that I love(d) and use(d). Thank you SO much for reading, I hope your kidlet(s) enjoy these products as much as we do.

Vegetarian Toddler Meal eZpZ pasta by SosiSafe

Include Colours in every meal

I think the saying, “we eat with our eyes” is so true and maybe even more so with our little ones! They are at an age where they are exploring their world around them and soaking everything in. This includes the food you are setting in front of them. Think about when you go out to a restaurant and the beautiful appetizer is placed before you – you cannot wait to dig in! Well, we want the same effect for our kids, especially when we want them to eat our healthier offerings. When grocery shopping, try to stick to the outside aisles where the bright fruits and vegetables are stored. Pineapples, oranges, and kiwis are delicious beautifully coloured fruits, perfect for enticing picky eaters.

Find some spill protection…

As an allergy mom I am always searching for ways to keep Sosi safe from cross contamination.  You know, when another kid eats a PB&J sandwich at the park before we get there and goobs PB all over the picnic table. I always wipe down where we eat but the added, “spill protection” allows a little bit of breathing room. I also really like the convenience of picking up the mat and tossing it in the dishwasher after an outing or an especially messy meal.

I find making mealtime less stressful for me, can make it more enjoyable for everyone. Right? I cannot be the only one who dreads cleaning up the food that gets everywhere?!

So, we have also invested in some bibs that cover the arms, neck, and all the way down into the highchair – amazing for keeping the mess somewhat under control.

How to get your toddler to eat healthy food. These mats are a great way to get your toddler excited about healthy foods!
Get your toddler to eat healthier with these fun mats / bowls!

Options, options, options!

Providing variety to give your toddler the illusion of control during their meal is a tip I cannot stress enough. If you haven’t noticed, little ones like to take control of their life wherever and whenever they can! To combat the potential food-strike that can occur, we use trays that have space for a variety of choices. I find them helpful for myself when I am trying to fill each compartment with something healthy. When we have a little dessert cookie or treat I place it on the tray at the start of the meal. This way sugary treats don’t become a reward for a “cleaned plate.”

If you are trying to get your toddler to eat healthy, a fun bus platter may be the way to go 🙂

Offer Healthy Foods

I try to include at least one fruit and/or vegetable option at every meal. I find this the trickiest at breakfast, so we aim for fruit and a smoothie to sneak in some spinach!  As you can see here, I went the easy way with the fruit option. This tray included dried organic cranberries since the veggies took up more of the prep time since they are julienned.  It is important that kids learn to enjoy foods that helps their body’s to grow and be healthy. In this case I included chickpeas as our main plant based protein source. We usually leave one section for a “dip” of some sort, in this case our Tasty Tzatziki sauce  sauce won the coveted spot.

How to get your toddler to eat healthy. Provide options, colours, and healthy food choices.

Let’s recap our 4 Tips!

#1. Keep your meals colourful.

#2. Look for mommy sanity saving spill protection options.

#3. Offer options to release food control to your toddler.

#4. Offer healthy foods at the same time as “treats” or “sometimes foods”

Looking for Recommendations

Has anyone used wooden trays? I am looking to expand our mealtime selection but I’m weary because I have had issues with wooden cutting boards splitting and holding smells. Anyone have any positive experiences? Thanks so much!


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