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Easy Curry Recipe for Toddlers

Ahhhh curry.

I’ve actually really only begun to savour your flavour later in life (I believe it was my husbands doing)!

We have introduced curry flavours early in our little ones culinary exploration so they may too enjoy the deliciousness that it offers.  The curry flavouring that we trust is Club House, as I have called them to confirm their facilities are peanut and milk free.*

Everyone in my family devours this curry recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen – it is seriously so delicious.  I did add in a cup of spinach about 5 minutes before serving( always trying to add in extra nutrients wherever possible). I have recently tried adding in two yellow fleshed potatoes and the results have been excellent. If you are in a hurry, just peel, cut and toss the potatoes in the microwave until done. I find it takes around 5 minutes, depending on the microwave etc. Please be very careful when removing as the potatoes and the plate get very hot!

Easy toddler meal - healthy curry recipe. Peanut free, no dairy, eat clean ingredients.

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A trick my brother-in-law showed me was to put honey on the Naan bread (in this case, the milk free toasted pita chips). It is seriously so good!

We choose Basmati white rice, cooked in chicken broth as it seems to be compliment this dish very well. If you are staying vegan, veggie broth would be just as yummy.

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*Please make sure to conduct your own research and determine which brands are safe for you and your family. 

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