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It’s No Strife to Save a Life

It is so encouraging as allergy parents to have the support of our family and friends. I actually really like it when people ask me what foods are safe for Sosi. These simple questions can often serve as ice-breakers and create meaningful conversations around how you can help keep Sosi safe while we are all together.

There are many times when my anxiety creeps up on me and leaves me feeling very isolated as an allergy mom. It can be overwhelming to head out for playdates when I have no idea what the other children have eaten for breakfast. Did they have peanut butter toast? A cookie with chocolate chips? Did they wash their hands? Will their mom think I’m uber crazy when I offer her 17 hand-wipes while we hang at the park for an hour? Everyone knows I always have hand-wipes!

So for those who are looking for ways to help calm the nerves of an anxious allergy mom, this video created by The University of Toronto, clearly explains some simple ways to help keep allergy children safe.  This specific video discusses school but the tips easily translate into everyday life.

If you could take the time to watch this video, (less than 7 minutes long) with your kidlets, it could help keep a child safe while they are at school, the playground, soccer field, or even your home. “With 6-8% of Canadian children living with an allergy, your child likely knows someone with an allergy.”

It’s No Strife to Save a Life

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