Weekly Food Planning Formula for Food Allergy Families

Weekly Food Planning Formula for Food Allergy Families

Autumn Writing

November is definitely an amazing month. The mornings are crisp, LLR leggings are an acceptable article of clothing again, and I had an article published in The EveryGirl Journal!

Mirley Graf, the magazine’s creator, contacted me and asked if I would could write an article that sums up how I choose the foods that my little ones eat each day. I of course said yes after checking out her amazing magazine. The Natural Beauty Method’s tagline, “Inspiration for Living Clearly,” aligns perfectly with our clean eating lifestyle. In a world that gets fuzzy with all the external pressures, it is nice to sit, read a positive collection of articles, and enjoy a little self-care.

You can find the link to the actual article…


We hope you enjoy reading the entire issue but of course let us know what you think of our piece! My Weekly Food Planning formula is simple, delicious, and hopefully something everyone can learn from.

Thank you so much,

Mel 🙂

PS Here’s a little sneak-peak into how we plan our weekly menu. This is a super rough draft…we are working on a more user friendly printable version that we will be sharing soon! Join our community mailing list to grab your copy when we go live!

Meal Planning Template for Food Allergy Families. Peanut free, no dairy, and eat clean.

Peanut free, milk free, and eat clean Food Allergy Family Meal Planning Template

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