Our Favourite Well.ca Finds! Greener household products edition

Detox your home with our favourite well.ca purchases!

Detox your home and have the products delivered right to your door!

What makes a product “green?”

For my family I rank products based on three main criteria.

  • Are the ingredients free from chemicals or poisonous materials. (Is the packaging PBA free?) If a child eats some of it, will they be okay or will they need medical attention.
  • If the product is claiming to be organic or GMO free, does it have the necessary labeling and proof on their website.
  • Can I read and or pronounce most, if not all of the ingredients listed on the label? Does the product go along with our detox your home resolution?


Our Favourite Well.ca Finds! Greener household products edition
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Detox your home with well.ca deliveries right to your door!

It has become essential as a busy family to have many of our household items delivered right to our door. So, how did I decide which products to pitch from our home, and which ones to keep?

I use the same criteria as above, with the addition of the fact that, “poison centres across Canada receive about 160,000 phone calls each year, [with], close to half of those calls come from frantic parents concerning children younger than six.”[1] I was constantly worried about my children getting into products that could be harmful. Heck, I called Poison Control when my oldest decided to help herself to an avocado. And no, she didn’t take the time to peel the outside; she decided to chomp down on the skin and make it right down to the pit. I remembered reading something about dogs not being able to eat avocado, but I could not for the life of me remember if it was the skin or the pit. So, as per standard worrywart protocol, I completely freaked out and called Poison Control. They reassured me it was better to call and that I was not the weirdest call they had that day (perhaps they were just being nice, but it made me feel better none the less).

Where does Well.ca fit in? 

I have been ordering from this Canadian based company for years and I have always received great customer service. The one time I ran into an issue (the product ran out before they were able to ship mine), I was emailed and asked to pick a comparable item. I was then given a phone number to talk to…you guessed it…a HUMAN! It’s true, you can actually reach real live people when dealing with well.ca. The woman I spoke with was very helpful. We quickly came to a resolution, and my delivery was at my door within days.

Simply click on an image to zoom to well.ca to add the item to your cart.

Green Beaver Frosty Mint ToothpasteGreen Beaver Moisturizing Shampoo CoconutGreen Beaver Moisturizing Conditioner Coconut

Green Beaver Jr. Boreal Berries Gentle ShampooATTITUDE Foaming Hand SoapATTITUDE Little Ones Hand Soap Sparkling Fun

Schmidt's Deodorant Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant Travel SizeAleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Hand 'n' Face WipesMunchkin Shine Stainless Steel Bottle Brush Set

Where do I shop online for products that contain “greener” ingredients?              The answer is…!

Why do I insist on products being “green”?

Medication is the leading cause of all unintentional poisonings of children age 14 and under. The remaining poisonings are caused by a wide range of products such as household cleaners, alcohol, plants, fertilizers, pesticides, paint thinner, antifreeze and beauty products. While adults may be deterred from consuming a substance by its bad taste, this is not the case with young children. Their sense of taste is different from an adult’s, resulting in the ability to drink substances like windshield washer fluid without the taste being a deterrent. [2]

I take into consideration where the product was made, how the ingredients are sourced, as well as how trustworthy the company seems to be.


Use of the Canada organic logo is voluntary and only permitted on products with 95 per cent or more organic content that have been certified according to the requirements of the Canada Organic Regime.[3] 

Whenever it is possible, I will choose the organic option as long as it is dairy and peanut free.

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[1] http://www.parachutecanada.org/policy/item/261

[2] http://www.parachutecanada.org/policy/item/261

[3] http://www.inspection.gc.ca/food/organic-products/labelling-and-general-information/regulating-organic-products/eng/1328082717777/1328082783032


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