New research claims that therapy targeting gut bacteria can reverse and prevent food allergies

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Could the answer to food allergies actually lie in our gut? It seems this could be exactly the case with recent findings from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital claiming that gut bacteria could be the food allergy cure we’ve been waiting for. 

Reverse Food Allergies?

“We’ve identified the microbes that are associated with protection and ones that are associated with food allergies in patients. If we administer defined consortia representing the protective microbes as a therapeutic, not only can we prevent food allergies from happening, but we can reverse existing food allergies in preclinical models. With these microbes, we are resetting the immune system.” I

Can you imagine? Could this gut bacteria really be the food allergy cure we’ve all been waiting for? I remember when Sosi was first diagnosed with her peanut, milk, and strawberry allergies – I obsessively read any medical journal, study, or research project that focused on finding a food allergy cure. These late night reads were usually paired with trying to find a reason for the sudden spike in food allergies all over the world. One study in particular really stuck with me, it focused on the Mennonite communities because food allergies were a non-issue. How were these kids raised on farms skirting around the 1/13 food allergy stat? The proposed answer : germs.

“Individuals in the Old Order Mennonite community live on farms, avoid antibiotics, and deliver their babies at home — and as a result, they are exposed to a variety of bacteria that those living in the city or suburbs don’t come into contact with,” said Jarvinen-Seppo. “We believe that differences in lifestyles between these two groups affects how their immune systems develop and as a result, their susceptibility to food allergies.”2

This makes sense to me, as a society maybe we have removed ourselves too far from the bacteria that we need to keep our immune systems in check.

Gut Bacteria to Prevent Food Allergies

Could this bacteria really be the way to a food allergy free life?

Researchers, “Bry and Gerber, along with senior author Talal Chatila, MD, of Boston Children’s Hospital, are founders and have equity in ConsortiaTX, a company that is developing a live human biotherapeutic product”, that will be heading into Pediatric trials. 3

Would you volunteer for a trial if given the chance? I am still cautiously optimistic, and awaiting to read the results of the Pediatric trials.

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