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What Are We Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

The science of oral immunotherapy is slowly creeping its’ way into my subconscious and I am extremely thankful for this breath of calm, during the anxious moments in our days.

teal pumpkin project teal pumpkin pal

What’s a Teal Pumpkin Pal? Can I join the Teal Pumpkin Project®?

What does it take to be a Teal Pumpkin Pal? It’s simple! When Halloween rolls around this year, simply offer a few non-food items that are fun substitutes to candy or chocolate treats. It is also helpful to add a sign to your door so that allergy families know you are participating in The Teal Pumpkin Project ®. We have created some FREE, “Teal Pumpkin Pal,” printables that are available in our Facebook group (under files) or by clicking here!


Reactions During Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

Each peanut dose is carefully weighted, by me, and then stored up high away out of reach. Her dosing schedule increases every two weeks, so just when I am feeling somewhat comfortable with a dose, we increase it.

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