Toddler Lunch

Heart Healthy Oats for a Food Allergy Friendly Breakfast by SosiSafe. Peanut free and Milk Free.

Heart Healthy Quick Oats

5 Easy to Plan Toddler Breakfasts. Healthy, eat clean, peanut free, with no dairy. Allergy moms can use ideas to make their mornings a little easier.

Easy Toddler Meal ideas for breakfast. Fast, healthy, peanut and milk free! These delicious recipes will make your mornings a breeze.

SosiCakes (Freezer Pleaser)

This is by far our toddlers favourite recipe! I wanted to create a delicious peanut free and milk free “pancake” option. It needed to be quick and easy like traditional pancakes, without the unnecessary additives found in common pre-made mixes.

Curry in a Hurry. Peanut free, no dairy, eat clean curry. Delicious, easy, healthy toddler meals

Easy Curry Recipe for Toddlers

Curry in a hurry. This delicious toddler meal is also amazing for the whole family to enjoy. This toddler lunch is peanut free and milk free but full of amazing flavour. This toddler meal is quick and delicious.

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