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SosiSafe is my little corner of the internet where parents come and share their ideas, stories, and struggles. I am a Food Allergy Mom by day and a researching addict by night. I love a good hot topic in the parenting world. My favourites are breastfeeding, co-sleeping, maternity leave, the education system, and of course, what we feed our babies and children.

What you may not know- is that I am an elementary school teacher who specializes in Special Education, specifically students on the Autism Spectrum as well as those who require intensive support with self-regulation and behaviour modifications. Okay, but what does this have to do with food and our children? A ton! I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing families, all of whom just wanted the best for their children. By the time we met, many were frustrated, over-whelmed, and looking for answers. With a few students in particular, we were able to greatly improve their overall school experience by altering their diets (as part of their overall plans). I am talking children who were happier, more attentive in class, who began to accept re-direction for behaviour issues. This all changed by starting their day with breakfast, having healthy lunches packed, and water bottles on their desks each day.

Thanks to these students I really began to wonder how strong the connection was between food and overall behaviour in children. I believe that food is often overlooked as an ally in our children's success. My library trips quickly morphed into obsessively looking for books focussed on childhood nutrition. How many calories a day should a 9 year old be consuming? How much sugar is acceptable? Is there really a difference between white and brown sugar? I happily documented all of this research and even branched out my search to include pregnancy, since at the time, Mr. SosiSafe and I were thinking of expanding our team of 2, to 3.

What many people ask me when they find out about Sosi and her food allergies is, "Did you eat peanut butter while you were pregnant?" The answer is, yes. I pretty much ate peanut butter toast every morning before work and sometimes a spoonful before bed when I wasn't able to eat much that day. I was very ill during this pregnancy and did not consume any processed food, I mean any. I love dill pickle chips, and I couldn't stomach any - for 9 months! Everything I ate was organic, homemade, and really healthy. We have no idea why our daughter was born with three food allergies, peanuts, milk, and strawberries (she has since outgrown the later), as no one else on either of the family has any food allergies, intolerances, yes, but no anaphylatic allergies. I actually find it less stressful to cook all Sosi's food from scratch for her. There are a few companies that I trust and the list thankfully gets longer with so many companies starting to offer Food Allergy Friendly foods. I have been accumulating a list, hopefully it will be ready to share soon.

Thank you so much for reading - please feel free to click the links below for further Research, Advice, as well as helpful Free Printables.


Mel 🙂

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